Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Three words, humidity, heat, and food.  That pretty much sums up the past few weeks.  I have been pretty busy with work.  Really, I have.  But busy in the,"I have to go work some late night weird schedule rotations," or "I'm going to go eat 17 pound of BBQ with everyone," type of busy rather than the, "Excuse me while I go cry over my kinetics book for the 27th time this month before I work on my 14 transport homework assignments all due this Wednesday," type of busy. So that means I've done lots of exploring bonding with work people.  We don't have cooking options so we eat out all the time and I've discovered great Houston restaurants.  I ate at this sushi restaurant one evening (then came back the next day and the next weekend...) and ate my body weight of the best sushi I've ever eaten.  The BBQ here is fantastic.  I've also tried out a lot of seafood. I've eaten alligator, crawfish, and I can't even remember what else.  Halliburton has seriously high quality food at work too.  Strawberry peanut butter smoothies are my morning staple, they sounded weird but they aren't.  That's probably enough about food though.  

Travis came down to visit and we made an adventure down to the Galveston beach.   The warm water there surprised me, it felt like bathtub temperature. We also spent a lot of time visiting friends and family but the visit was only a couple of days and flew by far too fast.  My mom is planning on visiting The weekend before I leave and do some bridesmaid dress shopping.  I'm pretty excited for that! I've also now been to a rodeo (guess who's going to force their future children to ride sheep all the time) and the Galleria, the most upscale huge mall I've ever heard of. 

The heat here is craaaaaazy.  I caught the thermometer at 115 the other day.  I'm not a fan. not at all. And when we work in lab, we wear coveralls, which makes it infinitely hotter.  It's also been weird to dress like a grown up every day.  Someday's I really wouldn't mind wearing my old college kid clothes to work every now and then. Some days I mix and match and wear coveralls with high heels. I think I already said but there are three Alaska guys in my class.  I really like our crew we have going and they even told me I am now one of the Alaska boys.  I feel so proud or something.  

I've gotten a reputation for being dramatic since I say variations of the phrase "I could die,"  too often. As in, "I'm so hungry, I might starve," or "It's so hot, I'm dying," or so on.  Apparently I also say ridiculous a lot and I use my eyebrows a lot.  And best of all, a couple pictures have been made into Miriam meme's.  I had to explain that one to my mother.  Her response was great, "You mean like grumpy cat or the Dos Equis man?"  Exactly, mother.  I'm hoping to write a post Sunday morning, I have some pretty epic Saturday plans!

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