Thursday, December 5, 2013

Actual Conversations With My Fiance

I know I have been ridiculously lazy about blogging lately. I recently had an extra hitch off (that meant six entire weeks!) and I spent the time getting ready to move and planning wedding things. It is the longest consecutive amount of time Travis and I will spend together our entire engagement. I have some good stories to write about soon but for now I thought I would share some goofy conversations Travis and I have had over the past few weeks.

Me: If I could have a tv show, it would be about looking for Bigfoot. I would be a mud engineer by day and a cryptozoologist by night.
Travis: But you work at night....

Me: Well, you know when you get thrown under the bus is when you get a chance to shine.
Travis: I know, but its also when I get run over by a bus.

Me: I like your family.
Travis: Don't panic, that feeling will fade.

Me: The green bean casserole is kind of soupy. I misproportioned things, it's really soup with some green been floating around.
Travis: just get the slotted spoons.
Me: All our bowls are dirty. Can I serve you green beans in a cup? It will be like being in college again.
Travis: It's like being single again. Oh! by the way, that's what I call it when you are away at work.
**at this point I hand travis a cocktail glass full of soggy green beans**
Travis: Oh wow. That glass??
Me: All our coffee mugs are dirty too. Don't judge me.
Travis: Too late.

Me: My mom has an emerald engagement ring because she didn't like the idea of blood diamonds.
Travis: Oh there are definitely blood diamonds, however, yours are Canadian.

Travis: This is neat pie dish. Its pyrex.
Travis: Oh my god, I'm getting so old. I just used the word 'neat' to describe a pie dish. Hurry, pour me some alcohol.

Me: I want a round house because the volume to surface area ratio is maximized so it means they are the most cost effective.
Travis: That is why bubbles are round.
Me: I can't remember what I was just going to say. Volume...Surface area...Bubbles....Derivatives! It was something about derivatives.
Travis: I feel like I just saw the inner workings of your mind and it was frightful.

The ridiculous picture of Roxi's face is because Travis hates when I take his picture.