Monday, May 27, 2013

Beating Yurt Fever

Even though the winters are dark and cold here, we did go outside when we could to get rid of that cabin (or more correctly, yurt) fever feeling.

We took a couple of cheap sleds (just thick sheets of rectangular plastic really) and Roxi down to the sledding hill at the bottom of our big hill. It was a pretty solid ten minute walk to hike all the way to the top for thirty seconds flying down the hill, but it was a lot of fun. We experimented with sledding holding onto Roxi but it wasn’t her favorite. Usually one of us would go first Roxi would run in between and someone would follow behind. I wasn’t the most coordinated at staying on the sled or always facing the correct way while moving. Travis has some pretty funny video of me sliding/falling down the hill. I was also entertained by the times Travis caught up to Roxi and had to toss her into snowbanks to avoid running her over.
We went to the ice sculpture competition that we had been to the previous year on our home finding visit. Sadly, it was much better last year. There weren’t nearly as many sculptures. Last year there were a lot more and a ton of ice slides. Plus the wind kicked up so it was brutally cold. We didn’t stay outside for longer than ten minutes at a time. 

Taking the shotgun out was an activity we waited for positive temperature weather to attempt. But we didn’t wait for the snow to melt. We tried to find a secluded clearing off the road but ditched that plan after wading in waist high snow. Instead we found a frozen over lake a little ways down the road to the north slope. The Dalton I believe. That’s where I found my “At your own risk” road sign. I’m not the best shot and it always takes a little extra effort for me because my shotgun is made for someone right handed but I have to shoot left handed as my right eye is pretty unhelpful. But I can shoot better than I can throw targets. I’m awful at that to the point of embarrassment. Luckily the snow covering the ice meant we could collect a lot of unbroken badly thrown targets. I am used to Colorado lakes that I would never walk on in winter. So I was kind of terrified to do that for the first time. 

We didn’t get to try snow machining, snow shoeing, or dog sledding so those are all on the to do list for next winter. Now that it’s warming up, we will be headed out for camping and fishing before the mosquitoes become unbearable.

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