Monday, May 27, 2013

Where In The World Is Miriam Gonzalez?

Because that seems to be the name of the game lately. I can barely keep track of the time zone I’m in, let alone where everyone else is. I’ve been to Colorado, Wyoming, and all over Alaska in the past couple weeks. Then I’ll visit Washington and Michigan later this year, probably a couple trips to each place. Oh and Houston in a few weeks.

The logistics are nuts. I didn’t even know I was going to Wyoming until I was almost there and Colorado tried keep me with a blizzard. Currently, my wedding dress and in progress-flowers are in Colorado, they need to get to Michigan eventually. As do the wedding boots my dads importing from Nicaragua.
We’ll be moving to Washington in December while I’m still commuting to Alaska but probably a home finding visit will be tossed in first.

My first visit to Michigan needs to follow the Houston trip pretty rapidly so I can see where I’m getting married and meet my new family. Next March, we have our Michigan wedding. And we also have a honeymoon that will involve fleeing civilization get as far away as possible. Puerto Rico is the current plan for that trip. We’ll even get to fit in some nerdy time at bioluminescent beaches.

Oh and other Travis and Megan (basically me and my Travis’ counterparts but think of other Travis as a male version of me and Megan as the female version of my Travis as a simplification. Which happens to get really confusing with all the Travi involved. Travi being the plural form of Travis.) get married around the time we do and they’ll warrant another Houston trip.

By the end of all that, and who knows what else, we’ll be looking at Travis’ rotation in Washington ending and (hopefully) a semi permanent move. Which could be anywhere from Australia to Alaska. Or who knows, somewhere random like Siberia is probably a better guess.

And all that planning doesn’t take into account the crazy weather and ridiculousness that seems to follow me everywhere and change it all up at a moment’s notice. I’ve already lost track of my miles but I’ve done over 10000 on Alaska airlines alone this year.

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