Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Neighborhood Gossip

Woohoo, Wednesday!  Wednesday is the start of Travis's (and therefore, my off time) weekend.  You could actually say that this trend started in college when both Travises and I would go out for drinks.  Wednesday night shenanigans, our excuse for avoiding the crazy and large Friday night crowds and a good way to make it through the week.  Now a day's it is just the normal schedule, Sunday through Wednesday is the work week.  Today we are going to head to the neighbor's for margaritas and burritos.  Neighborhood visits are always a great time to hear stories.  Here's a couple gems from the last dinner.  These two feature Colleen's children.

"Well this is awkward."
So we take a rent check over to Colleen every month but often we deliver it to her children.  (Or in one case Travis just walked in the wide open door to her empty house in the middle of negative temperature weather. He closed the door after he left. But we wondered about that one....)  On this particular month Travis walked up and knocked on the door.  He could hear people inside.  When no one came to the door after several knocks, he peeked in the window.  Suddenly, one of Colleens boys popped up, looking over from behind the couch.  Travis waved the rent check at him and tried to make it clear that he wasn't a creeper, just the renter.  At the point, Colleen's son came over and answered the door. Wearing nothing but boxers.  Travis just went with a simple, " just wanted to drop of the rent check."  To which Colleen's son replied, "Well this is awkward...."  Indeed it was.

That Hot Firefighter
This story is one of my favorites.  Colleen has a daughter who just graduated high school this year.  I believe it was the month after or before the encounter with Colleen's son, we delivered rent to her daughter and a group of her friends.  At the time we felt bad because I stayed in the car and when he came back he said he thought he scared them.  And it seemed logical that a group of teenage girls alone at a house might be afraid of a strange man.  We forgot about it and thought that was the end of the end of the story.  Then Colleen told us the rest of the story.  Apparently, the girls were the opposite of afraid when it came to Travis.  They noticed his jacket which has his hometown's fire department name on it.  And they noticed how good looking they thought he was.  Colleen told us all the high school girls wanted to know who the hot firefighter was and became even more interested once they heard he had a really good real person job in mining.  I don't know which one of us girls laughed harder at this story.  Neither I, nor the neighbors, plan on letting him forget that he's the "hot firefighter" now.

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