Monday, May 27, 2013

List Time

Things I’m looking forward to once I leave the slope….
  1. Beer. This beats out number 2 purely because I get some for cheap on the flight home. (It’s not allowed on the slope.)
  2. Travis. Because he cleans the house before I get home, has my favorite foods and activities waiting, and also has beer with me.
  3.  Roxi. She’s more behaved than ever before and gets thoroughly overexcited to see me.
  4. Springtime! Or at least weather above 30 degrees. The snow storms here are sideways. I was already being shown giant snowdrifts that take you by surprise because they pile up from old snow and wind. And I can’t even imagine how the visibility drops in winter.
  5.  More effective blackout shades. I forgot a sleeping mask and the shades just don’t cut it.
  6. Sven. He is the our adorable two year old yurt buddy who likes to visit because we have hard hats and a dog. And sometimes I feed him chocolate chips and we watch movies. Word on the street is that hooligan is on our porch trying to win Travis over with Tonka trucks right now. One-upping the hot wheel Camaro I brought to Travis the last time I came home. Apparently they are best friends now. I’ll have to win them both over again!
I’m in list mode today. I spent a portion of my day doing an inventory of sorts of a lab. It was my first real idea of exactly what I’ll be working in. Basically, it’s a rectangular box about half the size of the average bedroom. Maybe stretched a little longer and slightly less wide. And I’m talking conventional bedrooms not a yurt pie slice bedroom. They are moved back and forth from the warehouse to rig sites. This one had been out on a rig and was back needing to be restocked before being sent out to a new rig. So I wrote up a list of all the equipment and chemical testing reagents that were already inside and that might be needed. The guys who have been showing me around and teaching said it was a good way to get an idea of what I’ll have to work with. And I’m getting the general idea of what tests I’ll run everyday.

The other exciting news, I have a roommate. I saw her in the dark without my glasses on right as I was headed to bed and again this morning, again half asleep and mostly blind. So I’m thinking I might meet her this evening, but we shall see.

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