Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a Few Things to Begin With...

I’ve always considered writing a blog once I had something to write about. So I’ve been thinking that probably means I should start documenting my travels and adventures to keep my family updated on my long distance life. In the past year’s time I’ve flown on roughly 25 airplanes, moved mid-winter to a yurt in Alaska, camped out at 40 below [Celsius AND Fahrenheit ;-)], watched the northern lights, and gotten engaged at the start of the Iditarod, and taken a mud engineering job at Halliburton. Just to name a few of the more notable highlights. Once I get up to the north slope camp where I will be working I’ll write a lot about that. Until then, I’ll just share some of the stories about my life in Alaska so far. I’m assuming mostly only my family will bother to read this (hello family!) but a minor introduction never hurt anyone. I’m Miriam, I am 24 (I forgot that recently and for an entire week I was telling everyone I was 25), and I live in Fairbanks, Alaska with my fiance, Travis, and my beagle/jack russel/ border collie mutt, Roxi. I love them both, so I’ll probably complain a lot about them. Around my house we like to brew beer and wine, occasionally do yoga, and spin yarn. I have a chemical and biochemical engineering degree and I work for Halliburton. My fiance has a degree in Metallurgical engineering (much less glamorous than chemical engineering but we can’t all be that awesome) and works for Ft. Knox gold mine. I think that about covers the important points.

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