Monday, May 27, 2013

No Place Like Home

Back from the north slope! The flight back to Anchorage was quick and I passed the time doing Sudoku, reading war of the worlds,and having my two beers. As soon as I got to Anchorage I had to go get my checked baggage, recheck it, and head through security again for my second flight. But the Anchorage to Fairbanks flight is always incredibly quick, only about 40 minutes including take off and landing. Midnight is light now! It’s starting to warm up here but winter is still dragging on.

It was warm enough to light a fire in the firepit last night. And a coal promptly burned a hole through my pants. This is why Travis worries about mixing Miriam and fire. Other than that minor hiccup (and when I fell out of my chair) we had a really good night. Sven came running over as soon as he realized we were outside. We fed him a couple messy roasted marshmallows and Roxi helped clean him up afterwards. Our little neighborhood impromptu get togethers are a great time. We also had to laugh at the fact the neighbors are also considering Australia as an eventual move after Washington. We really do appear to be stalking them and following them around the globe.

We also tossed around a few more ideas for where we might end up after Washington. Ecuador is a possibility if Kinross gets their mine going there. Travis sold me on the idea with a few key points. We would be in the Andes mountains near the start of the Amazon river. There would be civilization close by but not too close, and the weather would be about 50 to 60 degrees all the time. I could totally find some Alpacas in that part of the globe. Plus there used to be head shrinking tribes in that area, so likely haunted areas around. I’d have to do some research on if I could find bigfoot or the chupacabra around there though. Peru would also be a similar option. However, it’s more dry with more volcanoes. But on the flipside, the vineyards would be better and the alpacas easier to find. All that is pure brainstorming at the moment though.

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