Monday, May 27, 2013

T-300 Days Until Wedding Day!

Which is a tiny bit little less than ten months. I feel like I should have a lot more planned. Plus once you throw in Texas for two months, it isn’t relatively a long time. But Travis plans on sending me to the slope for the month or so before so I can’t freak out. So far we’ve made some pretty decent strides in planning. I found a dress and veils and picked out colors (lavender and navy blue). My dress has a solid amount of ruffles and poof and “bling.” Travis booked our venue and we have a general idea about catering and bar menu. We will be at the Perry Hotel in Petoskey, if you want to google it. My father is going to do the ceremony so I know that will get planned because I know where to find him. My mom is making me flowers and decorations. My aunt Kay is going to be helping with those on her visit current visit to Colorado, I’m sure. The flowers so far are really pretty. They are made out of different patterned navy and lavender fabric. It was the first project I’ve ever had any involvement in that turned out like the picture I had in my head before we started. Really the next big project is a guest list next for save the dates! Travis was going to finish our wedding website so it’s up to date to direct everyone to and include with save the dates. We even already have most of a registry made online because who doesn’t like shopping without spending anything? Major things still on the to do list….attire for everyone else besides me, cake, DJ, and I think that’s it??? I’m sure it isn’t just that. I think we also need to compile more traditions and rituals to include in the ceremony (or even reception). Anyone have any ideas on those?

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